About Star Spirit Magazine

   Founded in Star, Idaho in 2020, Spirit Media brings nearly 30 years of experience in publishing, marketing and journalism. Eagle Magazine, Green Belt Magazine, Canyon County Magazine and Star Spirit Magazine, (our flagship publication) are all examples of publications brought to life by the talent behind Spirit Media.
   Star Spirit Magazine is Star’s only local publication – others try very hard to appear local, but they are not even from the same city or county, some are produced out of State. Likewise, Star Spirit shows up in person to cover your story!
   Our team has worked with hundreds of advertisers, designed their ads and helped market their goods and services, in addition to studying print psychology and mass communication, we bring a unique set of skills and empirical knowledge to help highlight your business. 
   In a world full of bombarding messages, one medium still reaches your consumer without annoying them. Magazines to do not interrupt your tv show, they do not shot-gun on the radio hoping to hit your target, they do not “pop-up” in the middle of an online article you’re trying to read. They wait patiently on a coffee table or night stand and when the consumer is relaxed and open, they deliver your message in a quiet, comforting, and non-interrupting way, wrapped in attractive and colorful layouts.
   While newspapers are often tossed away within a day or two, magazines are kept (sometimes for years) until the reader has time to sit and enjoy their copy. Who has not done this before? You know it’s true!

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